Greetings Everyone

Welcome to the homepage of the Advocates of Refuge.

Instead of posting little blurbs on Facebook, I thought it might be beneficial to have all the information in one place. I will be sending out invites over the next week to everyone involved. Please tell me what you think of this website. If we need to find another we will.

To answer why we have this page…I think it will be a convenient place to store info and data about the campaign, past exploits, and passing information to each other. The calender is cool and the forum is kinda nice. Plus you can quickly look up info instead of all of us keeping a folder of weird rules…:)

Summary of Character Creation:

  • We are of course playing 4th edition. Due to request, we are starting at level 3.
  • We will be using the point system to generate stats with a twenty point starting total.
  • Any theme or background is allowable unless they don’t make sense…Meaning any organizations or cities from Forgotten realms… any sorcerer king stuff from Dark sun… If you have a question ask.)
  • Starting equipment is limited to standard equipment (ie Eberon, Neverwinter Nights, Forgotten Realms, and others are out).
  • Starting eq is to be purchased with 500 gp and anything left over gets converted to currency.
  • Any magical items(from the standard list) costs twice the gp amount (to do this in character builder…just buy it twice and remove one item in the inventory screen) unless you have the ability to make it yourself ….then it cost normal price.
  • Racial Equipment counts as magical unless it is your race and regardless might be difficult to replace if something should happen to it so keep this in mind when you are choosing feats…:).
    Any other questions, let me know.

Advocates of Refuge

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