Armors: Masterwork armor +1 non-Magical enhancement bonus to ac as well as a reduction in check penalty by one and weight is 80% standard.

Weapons: Mastercraft a +1 non magical bonus to prof and one increase non-magical bonus to Blunt Weapons damage dice. Thus a GreenCrag Mace would be +3 prof and have a damage dice of d10.


GreenCrag ore is a highly durable metal similar to steel after forging. While being forged it holds heat longer which allows it to be more alloyed, resulting in a finished metal product stronger that steel. It is a difficult metal to forge though, so smiths must be either trained in its crafting or master craft smith(Feat: GreenCrag Forging +5 power bonus to craft when working with GreenCrag ore). It has a value of 400 gp per pound so is about four times as valuable as gold in its raw ore form, but due to its difficulty in working with standard items cost 15-20 times as much and crafting an item take about 2-3 times as long depending on the size of the item. Weapons must generally be blunt weapons when crafted from GreenCrag due to difficulty in GreenCrag keeping an edge. Cost for GreenCraging a weapon generally run between 600-800 gp plus cost of Green Crag ore per weapon depending on size of desired weapon. Additionally, GreenCrag is has an innate magical aura that increases intelligence. The cause of its nature is still unclear but it is rumored that the GreenTower goblins more intelligent nature can be attributed to the years spent absorbing its emanations from its raw form. It is a useful metal in crafting Magical items that enhance intelligence.


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