The Bulgatau nation resides on a land bridge in Kuwegal. It is a remnant of the destroyed Bael Turath empire and some of its Tiefling Nobles Houses trace their bloodline back to Those That Made The Pact, creating the Tiefling race in a deal with Nine Hells. The destruction of Bael Turath created the Inner Devil Sea, which Balgatau borders, and is a reminder to the nation of the price of failure. Bulgatau is still ruled by the Noble Houses and to be a citizen of Bulgatau you must have Tiefling blood, but pacts with devils or demons is now illegal in this country without the expressed permission of a Noble House, which effectively means that only ruling houses are still dealing with the Lower planes. Notably, it is said that portions of the Cataclysma are still hidden in this land, the original Ritual Spellbook that is responsible for the destruction of the Arkhosia Floating Citadels, the volcano that consumed the Dwarven Metropolis Dunni and the flood of Bael Turath empire.

Bordering Nations
Federated States of Brazada

General Alignment : Evil

Any warlock originating from Bulgatau is either a member of a Noble House or an outlaw. Any Warlock player character must take either Noble or Outlaw background.


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