Federated States of Brazada

The Federated States of Brazada

The Federated States of Brazada resides on a land bridge in Kuwegal. It is known for being a merchant empire and has access to both to the Wanto Ocean and the Inner Devil Sea. Its trade has made it a rich nation. The FSB is ruled by Guilds with the main governing body being the House of Guilds. This country is renown for its galleys and ships and has one of the most powerful navies in Kuwegal.

Bordering Nations
Bahorra(by Gulf)

General Alignment : Neutral

The central church of Delun resides in this nation. Those who get accepted into the clergy of Delun (which is rare) take on the Indenture and are Reshaped. An Indentured effectively becomes a Changeling, losing all class, racial attributes and memory, and becomes a priest of Delun for 50 years, where in the are ether accepted at the end of their Indenture or Released, again returning to the state before the Indenture.

Federated States of Brazada

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