In the Heart of Kuwendal lies a new nation, Refuge. Serving as a safe harbor for those who are ostracized or persecuted, many find a good life here in this child nation.

Refuge the city is home to primarily Goblins, Dragonborne, and Dwarves with a spattering of Kobolds, Gnolls, Orcs, and Hobgoblins.
The city does have some prominent figures who are human but in general Humans and Tieflings who are unknown are distrusted and are eyed with suspicion.

Ruling Body

The Coven of Guidance rules Refuge and ,loosely, the surrounding villages and mines. The Coven is currently led by five Witches, and a panel of advisers that are invited to discuss governmental matters. Currently the Head Witch is Razelle, who has led the Coven of Guidance for 20 years. The Coven members also include;

Most Civic Callings are attended by;

  • Grafire Ankarv, a Dragonborne weaponmaster who represents the dragonborne people residing in Refuge and surrounding countryside.
  • Honorim Parallax, a Dragonborne sorcerer who also represents the dragonborne and is highly respecting for his wisdom.
  • Monsterheart of the LesserDown tribe, a goblin Warden who represents the LesserDown goblin Tribe and the goblin Labor in Refuge
  • Mourn Yethlor, a goblin representing the GreenTower Tribe
  • Ravanys Saphiredge, a dwarf who represents the dwarven miners and craftsmen. She is very respected and renown for her abilities in metal forging and her work with GreenCrag.


It is rumored that refuge has a Silver Dragon Patron, but whether this is something to cause hesitation to its neighboring nations or not is still conjecture.


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